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Restaurant Review: Tamsy in Rochester, MN

Arrived when the place was almost empty, with no wait in line to request my takeout. I ordered a sandwich off the menu with a salad as my choice of sides. 10% was taken off my tab at the outset as a “soft launch” discount given that they expected orders might take a little longer since the restaurant is brand new. I ordered my food and recall thinking how lucky I was that I didn’t get there 5 minutes later – because the place became flooded, with the order line going out the front door. I settled in for a long wait, but at about the 30 minute point I noticed that folks were already eating that had arrived 15 or 20 min after I had. Still, I thought I’d give it more time, and began to notice a to-go box sitting by itself on a counter, and wondered if it was mine. About 10 min later I stopped one of the servers and asked if I could check on the status of my order. He returned 5 minutes later and said “it’s coming.” 15 min later, still nothing. I stopped him again, and pointed at the to-go box that was still there, asking “That’s not mine, is it?” He assured me it wasn’t and disappeared into the kitchen. I was relieved to hear that because I could only imagine what state the food in that takeout was in for having sat on the counter for at least 30 minutes. 5 min later another guy came out and asked me what I had ordered, so I told him. 10 min later I see the original guy package up the to-go box that had been sitting there upwards of 30 minutes. Sure enough, he brought it over to me and said “Sorry for the wait.”

I really didn’t have time to argue or point out the gross disservice he was able to commit right before my eyes because I was out of time.

The food looked as if it would have been great about 45 minutes earlier. The salad was, in fact, great – but the sandwich (kind of a giro affair) was no longer edible – it was covered in cold grease.

My gripe here is not the fact that they made a mistake – understandable when a restaurant is first getting under way – but the fact that they didn’t fix the issue when it was pointed out to them, and that nothing more than a “Sorry” was offered by way of compensation.

I’d say the place has promise from a purely culinary standpoint – but I’d give them 6 months to get their act together before going there – particularly if you are looking for anything close to timely takeout/service.