Here’s why you should trust Pureinfotech

Pureinfotech is a respected independent online publication that has been around for over a decade and has helped millions of people learn how to use Windows and related technologies.

Although the website was founded in 2010, Mauro Huculak (the founder) has been involved in the technology industry earlier than that, and he’s a driven and passionate individual who takes his work seriously, loves technology, and is always ready to learn more.

He always puts his passion into every article, and every piece of information is carefully researched, tested, and fact-checked to ensure they are accurate and up-to-date.

When writing a tutorial, for example, the instructions are written in a clear and concise style to make it easy to follow and understand, even for people without experience.

Also, tutorials are well-organized and easy to navigate, with logical sections and steps,  screenshots, and videos (whenever possible), making it easy for readers to find the information they need and to follow the guides at their own pace to learn a new skill or solve a problem.

The process of crafting troubleshooting guides

For example, in the case of troubleshooting steps, a problem is first acknowledged and researched, including finding patterns of the issues, assessing why it’s happening, official mentions, and more.

After understanding the problem, the process is replicated in a controlled environment (usually inside a virtual machine or spare physical computer), and based on expertise and experience, the instructions are crafted and tested before publishing.

Alongside the steps, the guide includes images and additional information that may be relevant to users.

Once everything is ready, the guide is published on the site. Also, as part of the process, comments and social media are monitored to ensure that users are not experiencing any issues following the instructions. If something isn’t working or changes, the guide gets updated promptly.

The process of crafting informational guides

Similar to the troubleshooting process, Pureinfotech also features a lot of guides to teach users how to use and configure a specific feature or software.

Usually, a guide that outlines the steps to enable, disable, or configure a specific feature or software recommendation comes from personal experience, company announcements, or requests from readers.

When planning to publish a new guide, the feature or software is first researched and tested on a virtual machine or spare physical computer, and based on the experience and expertise, a set of steps is crafted.

Also, each guide includes the respective steps, images, and additional information that may help the reader better understand the process.

Usually, as part of the publishing process, a guide can also include the steps to undo the changes.

After crafting the guide, it’s then published on the site. Comments and social media are monitored to ensure users have a good experience. If something is not working as expected or changes, the guide is queued for an update.

The process of crafting software recommendations

The process of writing software recommendations or reviews is not dissimilar to crafting informational or troubleshooting guides. Mauro hands-pick every application or program that is featured on the site. Usually, the apps featured on the site are freely available, or the product can be bought independently.

Once an application is chosen, the process begins by researching it, and then, the app is installed in a controlled environment to review the installation process, usability, and user interface and to confirm how it works and if it does what it is supposed to do.

If the app works as advertised, the article is written to accomplish a specific task or give the user the knowledge and additional details based on experience to get started using the software.

After crafting the recommendation or review, the article is published on the site. Again, comments and social media are monitored to ensure users have a good experience. If something is not working as expected or changes, the guide is queued for an update.

No payments for products or service reviews

Pureinfotech is independent and never accepts payment for product or service reviews. The reviews or recommendations on this website are chosen out of user requests or because Mauro finds it useful and worth sharing.

You can trust Pureinfotech

Pureinfotech is a trusted source of information because of its reputation in the tech community.

The site has a long track record of providing accurate, precise, and comprehensive tutorials. If you are looking for reliable instructions on how to use your devices and software, Pureinfotech is a great place to start.