The Michael Brown Thing

I’ve long been disenchanted with the media, but it wasn’t until recently that I came to the gruesome conclusion that it is a reflection of society in general.  All the pettiness, spite, selective morality, hypocrisy, chronic need for self affirmation – it’s not “them,” it’s us.  What a terrible realization to wake up to.  In a nutshell, today’s media constitutes a grotesque lens of sorts through which we view the world, consisting of the most odious aspects of ourselves. How can we help but hear what want to hear, see what we want to see, and self-righteously ignore whatever fails to match the simplistic template of our preferred reality?

We take great comfort in “left” and “right” because we enjoy the implication that such conformities imply reasoned thinking.  We hang with the herd and feel the warmth and reassurance of it’s numbers as we cut and paste our way through “discussions” on issues of the day, hoisting dogma relentlessly from our herd’s trough of pre-packaged thought and throwing it against whatever social media fridge to which we think it might stick.

All the while, Mother Media keels the noxious pot, doling out whatever is required to assure every trough is filled to the brim.


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